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Vacaville, CA USA

I found these hearts on my Sunday morning “long run” in Northwest Vacaville. They were hanging along trees and sign posts all along my running route. I’ve never seen these before. I passed them on my first lap and stopped to pick them up on my 10-mile stretch break. I know it’s random, but these hearts campe to me at the perfect time so I wanted to share. My husband and I have had a VERY difficult year. He has a serious illness and we’ve both been struggling as he makes his way through the health care system. I started running to help me keep myself healthy and strong as a caregiver… and because I worry about my heart health. So here in February 2018 I have lost 40 pounds in the past two years and this was my last long run before my first ever half-marathon race. These hearts have found the perfect home and we’re very grateful for the valentine’s treat. So very appreciated and welcomed. I’ll definitely pay this forward and start making these hearts to brighten up someone else’s day! I also have a lot of cool fabric that needs expression out there in the world