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LotsofLoveYou Are Loved!  There is a day on the calendar set aside to show love, give love, and share love, but the I Found a Quilted Heart community desires to spread that message of love every day, throughout the world – one heart at a time.  Every heart sewn is sewn with love.  Every heart sown, is sown with love.  All for the very purpose of spreading joy to the random stranger that finds a quilted heart and for that random stranger to know that they matter, and they are loved!

I Found a Quilted Heart wants to share the message, that you are loved, every day of the year.  These hearts will be departing the sewing room very soon to be sown in public places for more random strangers to find.  We are thankful for all the reports of hearts that have found new homes, as they are an encouragement to all of us – those who have sewn hearts, sown hearts and those that have not sewn or sown but follow I Found a Quilted Heart to read the stories.  And remember, you are loved every day of they year!