Winter Heart Sowing Dec27


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Winter Heart Sowing

Alert! Keep your eyes open – hearts are being placed all over the globe and they need a home!

These special little hearts need homes to fulfill their purpose of spreading the message of joy and love.  As this random act of kindness project grows, we know that not only are the finders of the quilted hearts feeling the love, but also the makers (sewers), planters (sowers) and followers of IFAQH.  How exciting is it to see the heart that you lovingly made and/or sowed for a random stranger be found and fulfill its destiny – at just the right moment, for just the right person?   The simplest things like sewing, sowing, reading about, or finding a quilted heart gives us an opportunity to slow down and reflect on the goodness that is all around us.

With winter upon us and inclement weather in many locations, sowers may be tempted to place hearts inside retail stores in order to protect the heart and still share the love.  Please resist the temptation!  Hearts should not be placed inside grocery stores, pet stores, clothing stores, etc.

Hearts also need to be found by a random stranger.  Sowers of hearts please do not sow a heart on someone’s car, on their bike, in their pocket or home, or on the tip tray, to be “found” is not a found heart, it is a gifted heart.   If you are the random stranger who finds a heart, it is yours to keep and know that you are loved!  We do want you to share the joy of finding a heart with your family and friends.

IFAQH is about a random stranger finding a quilted heart to brighten their day and remind them they are loved. The random person who finds the heart in a public place is just the right person for that heart!

We have come up with a few suggestions for winter heart sowing:

  • Take a heart sowing vacation to a sunny location 🙂  (our personal favorite)
  • Under the eaves of a downtown location
  • On a public bulletin board (don’t forget your push pins)
  • On shrubs found under protected areas
  • Inside pamphlet or brochure holders
  • Inside the lobby of hotels, chamber of commerce, visitor information centers.
  • Rest stops with inside areas
  • In theaters, sporting venues, concert halls
  • Inside news paper stands
  • Seating areas of malls, computer areas at libraries, lobbies of tourist attractions

Here are the guidelines for “Sowing a Heart”, found on the website.  Please: 

  • Do not hand, give, or gift hearts to people. (Hearts need to be “found”)
  • Do not make finding a heart a treasure hunt such as posted clues, geocaching etc. (Not random)
  • Do not leave hearts on personal or private property, such as a front porch, car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, desk, mailbox, suitcase, etc. (Not random)
  • Do not leave hearts inside retail stores.  (They can be mistaken for merchandise)
  • Do not leave hearts inside airports. (Homeland security would not approve!)
  • Do not leave hearts in National Parks or Wilderness areas as we had a complaint from the Federal Government
  • Do not leave hearts in public bathrooms or where they may be thrown away by staff