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Welcome to I Found A Quilted Heart.

Where it all began:  Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

The most random thing happened while vacationing in Nevada.   We were enjoying the Valley of Fire State Park on January 29, 2014.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and we had stopped at Rainbow Vista so I could send a few text messages. (One of the few places in the park with cell phone service.)   My husband, wanting to explore, walked across the road to discover a cave off in the distance.  He followed a deserted trail around the back side of the cave and found the most incredible gift: a little quilted heart. (See photo) It had a tag on it that said, “I need a home.”  Well, it certainly found a perfect home!  I am a quilter and the style and colors of this little quilted heart are exactly what I love.

I may never know who placed that quilted heart in the desert of Nevada, but I hope some day that person will find this blog and realize that it was the beginning of something great.  That little heart started a whole new project; blessing others with the same simple act of kindness.  I will now travel with little hearts in my pocket and share the love with others.

Thank you to this kind soul who blessed me beyond measure.


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