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Weaverville, NC USA

I was so excited to find my special Independence Day Quilted Heart!! What a wonderful and delightful gift from the Universe, a sign of the beauty and creativity and thoughtfulness of the world, giving back to me, some of what I have put out there… Independence Day is one of the best days to celebrate being an independent American that believes in the future of the world, and I could not be happier to have found the July 4th Quilted Heart!! Thank you to whoever made this beautiful quilted heart, it made my day (year) !! I love it! Here is the info on my story:

Indendance Day


1. July 3rd 2015 around 9:30am

2. Ingles Grocery in , Buncombe County, USA

3. I went to the Ingles grocery store in Weaverville NC, this morning July 3rd, around 9:30am, was getting a drink from the Starbucks there. After I got my drink, I went to the side of the counter to put some nutmeg on my drink and there it was, the Heart, on top of the napkins, staring at me… it said “I need a home”, so I looked around and nobody else was there… I took the Quilted Heart and went back to my car and looked at the back of the card and it has a link to the website for:
www.IfoundaQuiltedHeart.com with a report me code 😉 So here I am reporting this lovely gift from the world!