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Weaverville, NC USA

WeavervilleFound on July 3, 2015, in Weaverville, NC. I’ve been feeling depressed because my beloved dog passed away 3 days ago at the age of 16½ years. I had been asking for a sign from her, but hadn’t gotten one. Coming back from my morning walk through town, at the last minute I decided to walk through the Main Street Nature Park in Weaverville to the place where I parked my car — a route I usually don’t take. Walking down the steep steps that led from the public parking lot to the trail I looked to my left, and there was this heart hanging on a branch of a bush! I thought that was odd, and looked at it closer. That’s when I saw the little paper heart tag with the inscription “I NEED A HOME ♡”. I was reluctant to take it at first, but then got tears in my eyes as it dawned on me that this heart was meant for me — this was the sign I had been asking for. It was providential, because I gave my beloved heart-dog a home when she needed one 16 years ago. 🐾