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Various Locations, USA

I found this heart April 5 after dropping my daughter off to her mom. I went home alone to find thins on my gate to the ally. Brent 4/5/2015 (Location & Picture Requested)

I found a heart in the recorders office in Jackson California.  Courtney

I found this at Pena Adobe and I found it on a tree.  Alex

I found this heart on Saturday April 18th 2015. It was attached to the golf ball washer on the 13th hole at Butte Creek Golf Course.  Susie

We found a quilted heart on our school campus. Maria (Location & Picture Requested)

I found a quilted heart at the Atlanta airport! It is beautiful, and it made my day. Stephanie

My daughter and I were on a special day trip together while she was visiting from Costa Rica. We took the day to travel to Marysville to visit the float tanks there and have a picnic by Lake Mary on April 24, 2015. We were so happy to be spending the day together! After our float, feeling all relaxed and rejuvenated we went to Lake Mary to eat our lunch. I parked initially in a “compact” car space and when I discovered that, i decided to move the car to a larger space. When I re-parked we both noticed the heart but did not investigate until after we had finished our lunch, while watching baby ducks and geese on the lake. We both were curious about the cute little heart hanging on the rose bush so we pulled it off and read it! What a great topper to our already lovely day! Cheers to you who created this tradition! Thank you for adding a little more love to our special day!!  Carleen and Alisa

I was having a rough day at work (Petsmart) and was checking the shelves for outdated product when I saw this tag in back of shelf. I thought someone had thrown something back there or had stolen something but to my surprise I found the quilted heart. Put a smile on my face and I knew God was taking care of me. I work at Petsmart in O’Fallon, Illinois.  Christy