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Vallejo, CA USA

Vallejo CAWe are mini road tripping from Sacramento to Oakland. Taking my mother to her brothers so they can road trip to New Mexico. She is going to see my grandmother and will be gone at least a few months and we aren’t sure when she will be back. We stopped at the vista rest stop just outside if Vallejo so my 7 year old could release some steam. We ran around and looked at the ocean and the roller coasters then decided to take a different path to the car. As my son reached the top of the hill, we saw him b-line for something neon green in the bushes. My sister yelling “don’t touch things that aren’t yours!” As we approached he handed it to me and I read the tag aloud “I need a home”. To which my son exclaimed “I love love!” We decided it was meant for him. After all, green is his favorite color and his own heart needed a little lift today. Thank you for brightening his day!