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Tulsa, OK USA

Found at the Tulsa Zoo on July 13th 2015 at 11:50am.
I’m an employee at the Tulsa Zoo. I was driving around in my golf cart when I noticed a piece of what I thought was trash hanging from a small tree in front of the Tiger exhibit. As I drove by I reached up and grabbed it, only to discover it wasn’t a piece of trash, it was this purple heart. After realizing it wasn’t a piece of trash, my second thought was someone had hung a lost and found item up. That is until I read the tag and looked up the website.
I thought about hanging it back up for a guest to find but I though about how neat it was and about how timely it was for me to find it.
I have had a rough year, my Mom passed in January. This past Saturday had been 6 months since her passing. My cousin and his wife were killed in an explosion two and half years in Indiana and the closing arguments in the trial are today.
Anyway for me I felt this heart represented LOVE and how you should should tell your loved ones you love them everyday because you never know when their last day on Earth will be. Dear maker of this heart, Thank You for visiting the zoo today and leaving your heart. I will place it on my desk to look at everyday.Purple White Heart WX