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Tempe, AZ USA

Red and Yellow HEart WXThank You! to whoever made this beautiful piece of art.  fell in love with it.

The second take – I was walking to rehearsal on Monday Feb.1 and I saw the heart and thought it was so pretty and absolutely cool. I then saw the little note that said “I need a home” and I thought to pick it up but that was after I had registered what it meant yet had kept walking after I saw it. I regretted not picking it up as the evening went on and I vowed to pick it up if it was there next time I came by the parking lot. I felt that if it was still there when I came back I’d know it was meant for me.

I walked by that same parking lot later that night after rehearsal but totally forgot about the heart because I had been walking and talking on the phone on the way to my car. Then Tuesday afternoon as I drove into my parking space I thought about the heart again, and the regret came back. I so wanted it to be there, that hopefully in some crazy way no one else who had walked by it all day, or all night had picked it up, but I thought I was being ridiculous. Then I was walking with my gaze fixed on the fence to see if it was there. AND IT WAS. I couldn’t believe it. It felt so wonderful and so good. and right. It’s crazy.

I go to Arizona State University at the main campus in Tempe. I can imagine there are so many people who pass by that parking structure everyday, and this heart was sitting there waiting for me. I feel so special. Thank You!! <3  Thank you for making me feel so special. God Bless. #ASU #TEMPE #IFAQH