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Spirit Lake, ID USA

I found a heart tonight in Spirit Lake Idaho.

Tonight on my way to the grocery store I was battling with my depression and anxiety and was crying and feeling hopeless. When I got to the store I wiped away my tears and tucked everything in so nobody would notice.  I went walking into the store  and I saw a peg board that was empty, except for this little heart that was pinned to the board.  I decided to check it out, since I love hearts, and when I saw it I read the little note and almost teared up, but this time it was with joy.

I wanted to say thank you to whoever started this and to the person who left this heart. It pulled me out of my depression and anxiety and put a smile on my face. I can’t wait to make one and pass it on.

Thank you from Winn heart found in Spirit Lake Idaho ♡

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