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Guidelines for Sowing Hearts

Thank you for participating in the IFAQH project! The concept is simple: place hearts in a public place to be found by a random stranger.  That’s it!

Examples of good places to sow hearts: A local park, hiking trail, highway rest stop, library, community center, outdoor areas of shopping centers, coffee shop condiment bar, town square, foyer of public place, beach, nature trail, museum, tourist attraction, trees, bushes and fences in downtown areas, etc.  Be imaginative and creative when looking for just the right public place  – and have fun!

When sowing the hearts, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not hand, give or gift hearts to people. (Hearts need to be “found.”)
  • Do not leave hearts on personal or private property, such as a front porch, vehicle, door, desk, bicycle, mailbox, gate, etc. (Not random.)
  • Do not leave hearts in retail stores. (Can be mistaken for merchandise.)
  • Do not leave hearts in airports. (Homeland security does not approve!)
  • Do not leave hearts in National Parks or Wilderness areas. (IFAQH actually received a written complaint from the Federal Government! Federal Regulation Title 36, 2.22 (a))
  • Do not leave hearts in public bathrooms
  • Do not leave in places where they may be thrown away by staff.

Remember to check the website and see if the hearts are reported as found. Not all hearts will be reported, but they will be found and enjoyed by someone!

If you are sewing hearts and giving them to others to sow,  please print these guidelines and include them with your hearts!

Thanks for participating!

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A few photos of sowed hearts: