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South Lake Tahoe, CA USA

I found my quilted heart on 10/10/15 on my walk home from work during my break on a day I was exhausted from working multiple split shifts. I was having a horrible morning as I had gotten in the worst fight with my boyfriend of 3 years the night before. My heart ached, my feet were sore, I was sad, alone, and my spirits were so low but as I saw the heart hanging on a young birch tree I instantly smiled from within and then a big smile to myself. It brightened my day when I really needed it. I knew this heart was placed here for a reason and I feel blessed I was lucky to be the one to find it when I needed some cheering up. It more than brightened my day, it brought tears to my eye when I realized the symbolism of the heart left for me by a stranger. I couldn’t wait to go to go back work and share what I had just found. Finding this quilted heart not only changed my day, it paved the way for more small meaningful good things to come that night and somehow gave me strength throughout the next few days. I am definitely a believer of signs and when I was feeling hopeless and distrusting of other people, this heart changed my mind and helped to heal my heart, along with my opinion of humanity. Small acts of kindness will change the world.
Thank you to the person who left it for me, spreading positive rhythm my way, and all the way back around to you. Namaste <3Heart in the Forest WX