Sentimental Attachments . . . May20


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Sentimental Attachments . . .

ButtonsI have been so inspired by this I Found A Quilted Heart project.  This past weekend, my sister and I stopped by a yard sale hoping to find a few buttons or ribbons to embellish our hearts.  We asked the home owner if there were any buttons for sale.  She shared that they had her mother-in-law’s collection, but the family had sentimental attachments and was not ready to part with them.

I can completely understand that!  It would be difficult for me to part with my mother’s or grandmother’s buttons.   There is just something about a button collection that is so special.

We began to chat a little with the homeowner and showed her one of the hearts that was made for the I Found A Quilted Heart project.   She was so inspired that she brought over a group of buttons for us to use on the project. They were absolutely beautiful.  They will be a perfect embellishment for many, many quilted hearts.

Before we left, we were also offered two boxes full of fabric.   A treasure of buttons and fabric will now be a blessing to others.  Thank you, kind family, for sharing.