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San Rafael, CA USA

 I found a quilted heart today! On December 28, 2014 I was walking down a street in San Rafael, CA. and noticed the beautiful heart hanging on some hedges. Though I noticed it the first time, I didn’t believe my eyes because it was so cute with its “I need a home note” and I thought, “there’s no way that something this cute wouldn’t already have a home!” …so I passed it by. Unbeknownst to me, I would have to return to that very same place (not at all in my original plan) now accompanied by my sister-in-law. As we walked and talked I looked up and low and behold, I was at the same place, looking at the same hedges and there still hung the quilted heart! “Ok, I said…this must be for us!” I finally took the quilted heart off the hedged and am so glad I did! My morning started off with a friend texting me to look for the everyday ways God manifests his grace in countless places and situations! I got it! It also was encouragement for my sister-in-law because she has recently taken up quilting and was discouraged about how to accomplish her next project. She was so inspired, now she wants to hang her own quilted hearts! Thank you to whoever gave us this gift today! Our heart found a home and we are SO encouraged and grateful! :). :). :)image111