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San Mateo, CA USA

Don’t ever doubt that there are good people in this world. Things like this restore my faith in humanity a little bit. Found this around 6pm last night in the Petco grooming salon when I was picking up the boyfriend from work. I had heard about this project before (and found a quilted heart before) but completely forgotten about it because I don’t have a sewing machine or know how to quilt. I do, however, know how to crochet, and this person showed me that you don’t need to follow the rules exactly if it means brightening a stranger’s day. I really needed this kindness lately, and yesterday I had kind of a rough day at work so it was good timing. So thank you, kind stranger, for taking the time, material, and love to make this and leave it for me to find. It’s found a permanent home in my heart, and in my mom’s car, but it will probably be used as an ornament like you intended once we get a tree. I will be making some of my own!

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