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San Jose, CA USA

WinchesterA curious thing happened today.
We went to the Winchester Mystery House. We were walking through the gardens, and I noticed something bright hanging from a bush. It was a fabric heart, with a little note pinned it it that said “I need a home.” That sounded too fun to resist, so I pulled it down out of the bush. There was a website printed on the back of the card.
I found a quilted heart.
What an awesome idea! People make these pretty little hearts and leave them around for people to pick up. It certainly made my day a bit brighter, and more fun. I’ll bet it does the same for any other people who end up adopting one of these little hearts. It makes places a little prettier, and lets people connect with someone they’ve never met and probably never will.
I’d love to do this too! I still have a lot of scraps from my quilt. I think I’ll try making a few and leaving them for people to find. ^-^

I didn’t have pockets, so I pinned my heart to the side belt loop of my jeans. I walked around 2 different down-towns with it hanging there, and wore it home on the train. I probably looked rather odd, but that’s nothing new.
I think this guy will make a perfect Christmas ornament when the time comes around. ^-^