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Salida, CO USA

Today, July 16th my day was made by something I found in a gas station bathroom. I was using the restroom when I looked up and on the top door hinge was a little heart. I thought it may have been decoration or something but when I got closer it had the little tag on it. I took it and it made me smile and I was curious to find out about the website. Of course I was out of service seeing that I was at the bottom of Monarch pass near Salida, Colorado and had to wait until my mom and I got back home into Gunnison. I feel blessed that I found this heart. Little things like that sure can brighten your day. This is an awesome thing and it is special that people take the time to make their hearts one of a kind and sow them places to spread joy. I will sure become a part and make a heart that I hope to see on here soon!