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Roundhill, KY USA

Found In Roundhill ky on October 22nd— I work at The Corner Market in Round Hill KY , it was my day off from work but I had stopped by to pick up a few items I needed, on my way out the door something strange caught my eye and I picked it up and examined it it was a quilted heart with a tag that says I need a home. I asked the other cashiers if they knew what it was or where it had come from no one seemed to know, so I brought it home and looked it up on Facebook I had never heard of the quilted heart so I was very excited that I was the one that found it. I do believe it was meant for me to find, and I will hang it on my truck mirror so it will be a reminder to me of what the important things of life are. So thanks to that someone who took a little time out of their day to make a quilted heart for me to find.Roundhill FBX