Reported Heart with Perfect Timing Oct12


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Reported Heart with Perfect Timing

Thanks to all who take the time to report a heart as found.  Sometimes, the person who created the heart just needs to know that it found a home.  Here is a story from one heart sower:


I just wanted to let you know yesterday was one of the most stressful, scary days of my life. I got a call from my daughter’s school that a mobile crisis unit was on the way to see her at school. They’d found a suicide note & had to talk to her. Words escape me to adequately convey the depth of my feelings when I got that call. Last night was a tear filled sleepless night for me, wondering how I’d missed the signs I felt I should have seen. Being thankful the school caught it & was proactive. Then this morning after dropping my kids off at school, an email appears & one heart reported as found was one of mine. Knowing it made someone at least smile was the glimmer of joy I needed at that very moment. Whomever found it, thank you for sending some of the love I left for you back to me. I really needed it today.