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Portland, OR USA

My Name is ,Nicole & and I am a mother of three BEAUTIFUL daughters who live in Portland,OR. I found a Quilted Heart, hanging from a tree,outside of a dental office near Loyd Center Mall. I had just gotten done with a VERY MAJOR & VERY PAINFUL Root Canal. I was waiting to be picked up from my ride outside. I was very upset RE: my tooth & the every decreasing pain as the numbness wore off. I noticed a heart hanging from a tree w/ an attached note typed, ifoundaquiltedheart.com & later noticed the other (faded almost completely) that it also said, “I need a home”. When I first saw it I thought to myself that maybe this was the last remainder of some sort of Christmas “Gift Tree”. Giving makes me feel better & the thought that some person/child didn’t receive a gift, I picked up the heart. Then read the attached note. So now I was very intrigued! I had my 14yr. old Daughter, Melodee, researched the tag. It made my day that just by CHANCE that I saw that heart!! I was in pain & upset & now I feel uplifted greatly! My daughter & I REALLY want to get involved with this. What a SPECIAL thing to be involved in & God bless the ones who created this lovely gesture, especially considering a far reached across the WORLD this has reached!! The heart is SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much for your act of KINDNESS that will 100% be passed along.unnamed1