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Phoenix, AZ USA

inding this heart put a smile on my face and made my day so much brighter! I was running errands, in and out of my hot car, and just disengaged from living in the moment. As I was leaving the grocery store in Phoenix, Az. I was thinking 10 steps ahead about the things I needed to do the rest of the day, when I noticed a little scrap of fabric on a bistro table that the store staff normally uses for breaks. Thinking it was something needing to be turned into the lost and found, I walked over to grab it. That is when I noticed the tag saying that it needed a home and the Facebook address. In that moment, all the to-do lists in my mind turned off and a feeling of excitement and wonder took over. I realized I had found a treasure of pure kindness. What an amazing gift these little hearts are. To leave a little token of love for people to find without any expectation of return is a rare and beautiful thing to do. Thank you to this community for changing my day and outlook!