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Patterson, CA USA

So yesterday 10-30-15 i was having a pretty horrible day. I was fighting with my boyfriend all morning and i just was not feeling the day was going to get any better. My sister was taking my daughter and nephew to the pumpkin patch and would not take no for an answer from me. I was not happy about going anywhere since just wanted to lay in bed. I didn’t want to socialize with anybody. I just wasn’t in the mood for people and we get there and there are hundreds of people there. So we enter the corn maze and are walking around for about 5 mins and i was just not feeling it i was sad and wanted to leave. As i go to turn around my flashlight caught a glimpse of something hanging from a corn stalk. It was the quilted heart. At first i thought a baby had lost their toy but then i read the note. I immediately went to the website and facebook page and read what it was about. At that moment i felt happy. I don’t know what it was but finding this heart really made my day. It lifted my spirit and we walked in the maze for an hour and had a blast the whole time we where there. I wanted to thank whoever left the heart there. If it wasn’t for you i probably would have stayed a sour puss all night. Thank you soo much! In that moment this is exactly what i needed.Sweet Little Tweet HEart WX