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Owasso, OK USA

Found on Sunday, December 6, 2015
I was heading home from work and stopped to put gas in my car at the Sam’s Club down the street. Without even realizing that Sam’s closes pretty early on Sundays I pulled into my favorite pump. It was at this point after getting out of my car that I found the heart. I hadn’t made a thought of it yet because it was cold outside and I just needed gas in my car. I had already turned my car off, popped my gas cap open, put the pump into the gas tank, and slid my Member Card before even realizing that the station was closed. I couldn’t help but smile at the time just thinking how perfect this little heart was at that very moment. It was a perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy even the littlest of things in life. I will always remember this now. Thank you to whomever placed it there for me!!Merry Happy heart WX