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Napa, CA USA

I rode my horse past a tall fence at Skyline Park and a little purple patch caught my eye. I saw the “I need a home” tag but it didn’t really register until I had ridden past it. I turned and went back and gathered the heart. It had been a tough ride for me, a competitive trail ride and my horse Smiley had tried to buck me off at the first obstacle! The whole ride he was nervous and it wasn’t the mellow day I had hoped for. Finding this heart was a total joy! It’s hanging on my shifter in my truck. Close at hand to give comfort and reminder to smile. cool.
Thank you so much for leaving this little treat.  I feel very special to have been so lucky as to find the little treasure.

SmileyThe picture is of Smiley, the horse I love and the horse that given me such a scary challenge the day I was soothed by finding this lovely little heart. “Have Heart”  “Take Heart” “Find Love” the universe sent me a quilt of messages that day…and I’m still enjoying the experience.