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Muir Woods, San Francisco, CA USA

I was hiking the deep sea trail at Muir woods in San Francisco with two cousins. On the course of the hike we talked about angels and how they protect us. We were a little concerned about getting lost in the woods but we were not afraid. We also mentioned That someone was going to find true love this year, Haha we were joking around.  The one in the front took a selfie with the other two of us in the background. In the picture there’s something there, a ray of light Pointing at me, Just one ray of light. One of my cousin said that it was just a reflection of my shirt or something that I had, maybe my sunglasses.   I replied that I thought it was God texting me or my guardian angel Guiding me because I have no sense of direction and now is in front leading them Haha ironic. Anyway, about 5 minutes After the picture We kept walking and I saw something on the tree And I found this heart.  I had seen another one Maybe like a couple miles Back, but I didn’t even want to touch it because I thought It was there as a guide. You know some people leave stuff on the trees to recognize their way. But this time I decided to see what it said on it, and I took the heart. It found a home !!! I just want to thank the person that left it right there. It was to me a sign Of The love of God. And God Keeping an eye on us. I would love to meet the person Responsible of bringing so much joy in my heart And say thank you in personSweet Dotted Heart WX