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Loudonville, OH USA

Beautiful Blues FBX

A funny thing happened to me today… Erin and Melissa, a couple friends from work, and I went to lunch. Both gals were trying to cheer me up after a difficult week. As we start walking back to the workplace, I spotted a beautiful heart on the sidewalk, tucked away and slightly hidden. My first thought was… someone purchased the heart in one of the stores and dropped it. I picked it up with the intentions to take it into the Coppertop Gallery and ask if anyone had purchased the heart. With heart in hand, I noticed the heart had a tag reading “I need a home” written on the front side and a website on the reverse side. What a way to make a person smile! I was instantly thrilled! Here is the really funny part. Although, I was thrilled, I have severe arachnophobia. I turned the heart around to show my friends and spotted a spider on the ribbon! Luckily, Melissa had grabbed the heart before it fell to the ground. I ran away screaming, leaving her stand there with the heart in hand and watching me run. I returned, only to run away again because the spider loved the heart more than I did! Finally, after returning to the bank, Melissa and Erin regained their composure from laughing hysterically at their friend for running around screaming in public. Melissa removed the spider as Erin smiled and shook her head at me. Thanks to Melissa and Erin, the heart was kept safe from falling and was rid of any spiders. The heart is now hanging in my office to help me smile a little bigger and laugh at myself for the scene I caused on the sidewalk. Heart Found: 7/17/15 Where: Loudonville, Ohio, USA