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Lake Tahoe, CA USA

Hello to everyone in this community. I found your quilted heart right by one of my most favorite spots in Lake Tahoe. I found it on top of Kingsbury Grade where i used to walk and run my 2 dogs who are soulmates, Shaggy and Cabo and were actually a married TAHOE couple. Shaggy went up to heaven a year and a half ago and Cabo just recently went to heaven and is joined up with Shaggy, reunited once again!! I was walking towards the this cross rock and Cabo used to always wait for me at the cross roads so i could make the decision to go up the trail or down. Once i got to the crossroads i told Cabo that you go straight towards the cross ( THE CROSS ROCK WAS STRAIGHT AHEAD ), now Cabo as you are in heaven with tears running down my face. I turned to the tree besides me and i found this wonderful heart that someone had placed. I took it and looked at it in amazement. how very special this heart came to me at the right time. I know my dogs are watching over me and always giving me little signs and i believe this to be one of them.

Thank you for this little heart gift as it will always have such spiritual meaning in my life. I miss my dogs so much!!

Hope you all enjoy Shaggy and Cabo who are joined up in heaven, TOGETHER AGAIN!! Sincerely Yours, Cassedy

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