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Keystone, SD USA

Hi! I am thrilled to report that I found a quilted heart! I found it hanging on a tree branch while crossing a foot bridge in Keystone, SD. My family members had all seen it, but passed it by. We were vacationing there and were walking int the historic section of town to do a walking tour. I am from Indiana. I feel it was fate that I found this precious treasure for many reasons. One, it was on July 26,2017. This happens to be my 21st. Wedding anniversary. It was like a special celebrating our love, heart shaped! Two, my family has a tradition of buying a Christmas ornament on every trip we take to commemorate it. How special to find one waiting just for me! Three, I am a quilter and crafter so I truly appreciate the labor of love that went into it. What a thrill for me! Keep doing this! I’m sure it means so much to so many?