IFAQH Reminders Sep06


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IFAQH Reminders

Greetings to the IFAQH community and friends!

Our little project of placing small quilted hearts in public places for a random stranger to find, to brighten their day and remind them that they are loved, has spread faster than any of us ever imagined. As the project continues to grow, we would like to remind everyone of the basic foundation of this project: Each heart is placed in a public place where a random stranger can find it to brighten their day.   Here are a few specific reminders:

  1. They should not be placed for a specific person to find.
  2. Hearts should not be placed in the following locations:
    • Not inside retail stores: Hearts have been reported on cash registers and mixed with store merchandise.  Please refrain from sowing inside retail establishments.
    • Not on personal property:  This removes the “random stranger” portion of our project.  If it is on someone’s personal property, a “random stranger” would not feel comfortable picking it up.  Examples of places where hearts have been reported on personal property:  bike basket, front door handle and porch, car window, glove box & windshield wiper, mailbox, suitcase, computer desk, kitchen counter.
  3. Refrain from giving or handing hearts to stranger.  Again hearts need to be found by a random stranger, not given to a random stranger.

Sowing HeartsFinders: If you find a quilted heart, it is yours to keep!  We hope you keep it as a reminder that someone was thinking of you, and that you are loved.

We are thankful for the IFAQH community – those who read the stories, those who have begun sewing hearts, those who sow hearts, those who share the story of IFAQH, and those that share their story of finding a heart.

We hope you all know that YOU ARE LOVED!