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How the Project Began

Where it all began:  Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

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January 29, 2014.

IFAQHThe most random thing happened while vacationing in Nevada.   Three sisters and our husbands took a day trip to Valley of Fire State Park.  After an afternoon of hiking, exploring, and soaking in the beauty, we drove to Rainbow Vista. Being the only location in the park with cell phone service, we took this time to check in for our return flight.

While the three sisters searched for cell service, the husbands searched a cave off in the distance.   Following a deserted trail around the back side of the cave, the most incredible gift was found: a little quilted heart with a tag reading, “I need a home.” Well, it certainly found a perfect home!

We may never know who placed that quilted heart in the desert of Nevada, but we are thankful for that little heart.  This beautiful little heart started a whole new purpose for us; blessing others with the same simple act of kindness.


Would you like to participate in this project?  It is sew, sow, so simple:

1.  Sew It:
Create a unique handcrafted heart. (Use original heart pictured above for inspiration.)
Attach a tag listing the web site and a note that says, “I Need A Home.”

2.  Sow It:
Put it in a public place to be found by someone you don’t know.
Think of clever places where someone would not be expecting to see a quilted heart.

3.  So It: Can find a new home!

Enjoy the thought of it being found by a complete stranger.  Check back and see if your heart is reported as “found.”

Oh, the simple joys in life.