Hearts Belong in Public Places Feb21


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Hearts Belong in Public Places

We are so excited that many others are joining in on the  joy and fun of sewing and sowing quilted hearts to brighten the day of the person who finds it.  It is amazing to us how just the right person finds just the right heart!! The pictures and stories we receive reflect the smiles and joy that comes with finding a heart.  Simple pleasures!

We want to remind all of our IFAQH friends that have their friends and family joining the project to have them visit the sowing guidelines of I Found a Quilted Heart, which are posted on our website under “SOWING”.   The guidelines are simple – place hearts in public places for random strangers to find.

A few examples of places not to sow:

  • Do not leave them on someone’s personal or private property, such as a front porch, car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, desk, mailbox, suitcase, etc. (Not random and it can be disturbing to the person that finds it knowing someone approached their personal property.)
  • Do not just hand them or give them to people. (Hearts need to be “found”)
  • Do not leave them in retail stores.  (They can be mistaken for merchandise)
  • Do not leave them in airports. (Homeland security would not approve!)
  • Do not leave them in National Parks or Wilderness areas. (we received a complaint from the Federal Government)
  • Do not leave them where they may be thrown away by staff

The purpose of the project is simple – put a smile on the face of the person that finds the heart and to remind them that they are loved.  Let’s continue to spread joy around the world one heart at a time!

If ever there is a question, please feel free to email us at ifoundaquiltedheart@gmail.com.