Heart Blesses Precious Little Girl Sep14


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Heart Blesses Precious Little Girl



One of IFAQH’s friends started making making hearts in North Carolina to give to her granddaughter  so that she could sow them on the road. She was to leave one at each race track because her dad, Brian Scott, is a race car driver.  At the race in  Ohio recently, NASCAR was doing a benefit for a sweet little girl, Avery, who is very sick with heart issues. NASCAR let Avery choose the color for Brian’s car  and enlarged her drawings to put on his car.  Our friend told her granddaughter about the  IFAQH rules (can’t go up and give it to someone, etc.)  and she stuck to the rules until the race in Ohio.   Our friend’s granddaughter stepped outside the website guidelines and handed her quilted heart to Avery, who was almost too sick to attend the race.  IFAQH’s guidelines were “broken”, but is was a heartfelt, precious gesture indeed.  Little Avery is holding the heart in the pictures, and as you can see from the BIG smile on her face, it has touched her heart.