Happy Anniversary Jan29


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Happy Anniversary

The Original Heart. Approximately 4" x 5"

The Original Heart.
Approximately 4″ x 5″

Today is the one year anniversary of finding the first quilted heart that inspired the I Found A Quilted Heart (IFAQH) project.  We still wonder who made the beautiful little heart that was found in Valley of Fire in Nevada, January 29, 2014.  We are so grateful to the person who made it, but have so many questions.  Was it left on purpose? What was that purpose? Was it lost? Who made it/left it/lost it/placed it? Was there more than one?  We don’t know the answers  but we do know we are thankful for finding it!  It is our  hope that someday the mystery of this first quilted heart will be revealed and we will know the history behind the little heart that started the IFAQH project.

Who are “We”
Finding the first heart changed us, it inspired us and it brought us closer together in a united purpose.  Who are we?  We are three sisters who work, play, and laugh together.  We are very like minded and embrace each others unique strengths and weaknesses.  We are passionate about reaching people in all corners of the world with the message that they are loved – that passion has become I Found a Quilted Heart.  We have our weekly IFAQH “board meetings” while riding our bikes or walking our dogs around town. We rejoice with each new heart that is reported, brainstorm on ways to reach more people, talk about how to engage more participants in sewing and sowing, and most of all discuss how we can be most effective at sharing our joy the best possible way – one heart at a time.

The IFAQH Project
After experiencing the joy of finding that first quilted heart, we decided to start a project of placing little quilted hearts in public places for random strangers to find – hoping the  finder would feel as much joy and love as we did when we found our heart.  We started making hearts.  We thought we were way ahead of the game when we had 25 hearts!  Now, a year later,  we estimate that the three of us have created over 3,000 hearts and each one is special. We are delighted now as we have a few partners who have either found a heart or heard about IFAQH and are participating in sewing and sowing.  Of the multitude of hearts we have sown, we know not every heart will be reported, but we know it had to put a smile on the finder’s face!  We still have hope that unreported hearts will someday be reported as found.

IFAQH Map 2015Our First Year of Reports
In this first year of the project, there have been 437 hearts reported.
They have been reported in 31 of the 50 states of the USA.  (See map)
They have also been discovered in Australia, Bonaire, Cambodia, Dutch Antilles, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Peru, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Thailand, and Vietnam!

The project is active on social media.
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Facebook:    621 likes
Instagram:  280  followers
Pinterest:    35 followers

And this is just the first year!

We look forward to the second year being even better!  It is our hope that the joy of finding a quilted heart spreads to every state, every nation, every corner of the globe.  We encourage you to join.  If you have not ever made a small heart, now is the time to start!  Make one or ten or twenty, and then sow them in public places for a stranger to find.   When the heart you made or sowed is reported, it is a celebration.  And yes, the three sister will be talking about it and rejoicing with you!

Grateful Hearts

We are grateful for every person who has reported a heart as found.  Taking the time to report a found heart has inspired so many and we hear often, “I love reading the stories!”  We are grateful to those who have helped us sow hearts – we cannot travel as much as we would like, but we do have wonderful friends who will take hearts along on their journeys and sow a bit of joy in a new city.  We are grateful to those who have joined in the fun of sewing hearts, we love seeing the variety and personalities of each heart.  We are grateful to everyone who may never find a heart, sew a heart or sow a heart, but loves reading the stories.  We are grateful to our husbands for supporting our IFAQH obsession.  We are grateful for finding the first quilted heart that was the inspiration to this project.  Thank you all, You Are Loved.