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Hancock Shaker Village, MA USA

My daughter Madeline found a quilted heart yesterday at the Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts. We had spent the day exploring the village. While there, Madeline had a scare in the blacksmith barn. She was accidentally hit by a piece of red hot iron that had just come out of the fire. Luckily for her it was a cold day so she had a few layers of long sleeves on. It burned through her jacket rather then her skin. She was scared and upset but glad she was ok. On our way out of the village she found the quilted heart and was so excited to read that it needed and home and was made just for her. It was an exciting moment for her. Thank you for these random acts of kindness that brighten others day.


Our family continued our visit in Massachusetts by spending the night in Pittsfield. We were walking down The street when my son found a heart hanging on a fence.