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Granger, IN USA

Such a cute idea!!  I’ve been having a rough couple days emotionally …  missing my pregnancy, constantly wondering “what if..?”, and hoping my child knows I loved him even though I never met him.  You truly never know the pain until it happens to you.  I’m trusting God and moving forward but I still have my moments.  Today, Vinnie and I stopped at the post office and I noticed a small heart hanging from the tree.  It wasn’t easy to see but it was right where we parked.  We read it and I instantly looked at Vin and thought about our baby.  Maybe that was God’s way of telling me that everything is ok and baby Rulli is being loved on up there in heaven.  It could also be a sign that my baby loves me too even though he never got to meet me.  Maybe it was just meant to be!  You never know.. either way, thank you to whoever made and left this heart on a tree at the Granger post office.  It truly made my day <3