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Franklin, IN USA

Found: 7.2.15 WhFranklinere: Franklin, IN USA

Today I found this heart on a plant as I was walking into work. First, I am not a very observant person, but was sure this heart was NOT on the planter earlier. Was it?  I walk by this plant 50 times a day, but today a beautiful heart was attached to it.I walked past then decided to go back and check out this beautiful quilted heart.   I’m so glad I did! It was then that I discovered it was made for me. ♥

I brought it upstairs and my co-workers said they had walked by it all day thinking it was supposed to be there. Little did they know the heart was supposed to be there, because I was supposed to find it. I have been struggling all week because my 8 year old son has been at camp for a week! I miss him terribly and I know this is a sign that everything is ok and this little quilted heart has helped restore mine until I can see my son tomorrow.  I get to pick him up tomorrow, but feel like this is a perfect sign to calm my heart Thank you!!!! This heart has a grateful home!