First Batch of Quilted Hearts Jun27


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First Batch of Quilted Hearts

A new sewer/sower who found this project on Instagram:

“This is my first batch of #quiltedhearts for #ifoundaquiltedheart. It’s a really cool community service type thing where you make hearts out of scrap fabric, put a special tag on them then hang them around town in parks and such for people to find them. The finder submits a picture to the website and you can find out if any of your hearts were found.

The purpose is make the finder smile and make their day brighter. Please tag your friends and share with those that might be interested in spreading cheer. International welcome.

They’re about 5″

I found out about the hearts on Instagram. I may be taking a trip to Egypt within a month and plan to make some to take with me. May swing by Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as well and can take some there.”