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What is IFAQH?
The IFAQH project is simple: place hearts in a public place to be found by a random stranger.  That’s it!

Does anyone profit financially from this project?

Is IFAQH affiliated with any group or organization?
No.  There is no catch, no hidden agenda, nor any underlying motive.

Is there a cost to participate?
There is no fee to participate, just the cost of supplies needed to create your handcrafted hearts.


Can I sew my own hearts and place them for a random stranger to find? 
Please do!  Be creative and have fun making them.  Be sure to  attach a tag listing the web site and a note that says, “I Need A Home.”


Where can I sow a heart?
In a public place such as a park, coffee shop, hiking trail, rest stop, amusement park, library, community center, hospital, town square, foyer, beach, nature trail, museum, tourist attraction, etc.

Where can’t I sow a heart?
On personal or private property, airports, national parks, retail stores, or bathrooms.

Can I give a heart to someone who I think needs one?
No.  Hearts are not given or gifted  to people or placed in a location for a specific person to find.  They need to be left for a random stranger to find.

Can I give people clues on where to find the hearts I have Sowed?
No. Do not provide clues or use a scavenger hunt style for finding the quilted hearts.

How many hearts get reported?
The best guess is about 1 in 20 hearts  get reported.  Not all hearts will be reported, but they will be found and enjoyed by someone!

Reporting A Heart

Do I need to “re-hide” the heart that I found?
Nope.  You found it and it is yours to keep!

Do I have to send a picture?
If you want your story posted on the web site, then we do need a photo of the heart you found and the location you found it.

How do I know who made the heart that I found?
You won’t know.  IFAQH is an anonymous project.


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Please note:
IFAQH reserves the right to edit reports of hearts reported as found.