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Fairfield, CT USA

Thank you for my heart. It put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I was traveling from Michigan to Cape Cod and after being in the car for about 16 hours I stopped at the Fairfield Ct rest area and upon leaving I saw something on a bush. I took the heart and when it became light out I was able to see it closer. My sister was calling me thru out my trip to make sure I stayed awake and was ok driving and I told her about my yellow heart. She read to me what it was all about. We have decided that when the three sisters get together for our visits we would make some and do the same. Thank you, I love my heart and it will be on my Christmas tree this year and always. It really made me smile and loved. I was sad leaving my parents and my family after being with them the last six weeks and this will make me think of the time I spent with them and the trip coming home. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!Yellow Floral Heart WX