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Escondido, CA USA

Hi my mommy and I went to Grape Day Park in Escondido to spend some time together. When I was walking I noticed a small green and white heart hanging on the fence of the train station area. My mommy was going to walk right by it, but when I read “I need a home” she turned and looked at what I was reading. we both where so excited to see such a beautiful thing just hanging there and to think I was able to give the heart a new home. I thought of all the wonderful things I could use this for like a nice pillow for my Barbies, or a sleeping bed for my small play puppy, or a front door rug for the Barbie home.
Thank You, Thank you, Thank you
You really made my day at the park extra special
Aundrea Age 8
2/2015Purple HeartPurple HEart 2