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Escondido, CA USA

I found this wonderful treasure at Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve in Escondido, CA on Saturday, June 10th.

… I gathered up my backpack once again and slung it over my shoulder – heading back down the trail to the parking lot. I noticed something hanging on a tree ahead and to my left. I thought it was one of the ribbons that the park management hangs on the trees for identification – it wasn’t there (or I didn’t notice it) as I walked down that trail an hour earlier. As I got closer I noticed it was a heart. Strange? I walked up to it, and sure enough, it was a heart with the word “LOVE” on it, hanging from a ribbon on this tree. It had a tag on it that said, ‘Made for you”. The back had a website to report it found. It was called www.Ifoundaquiltedheart.com. It is just volunteers who make these hearts with messages of love that they put in random, unassuming places across the country as a way to spread love. This brought out my smile today, and sent me home with such joy, not to mention if I hadn’t made that tiny detour from my regular routine, I wouldn’t have found this random act of love. Life can be heavy – you never know what little, unexpected gestures can do for a person. To whomever placed that heart in that tree – thank you; it made my day. It is now hanging from my rear-view mirror đŸ™‚

Leave an imprint on someones heart today – you never know what impact it may have…