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Emerald Bay, Tahoe, CA USA

I was hiking around Emerald Bay in Tahoe, hoping to meet up with cousins coming from the other direction. The Rubicon Trail is incredible, right along Lake Tahoe looking out over Emerald Bay! I was alone, enjoying the simple beauty of nature when I came across this lovely little heart. I saw a family playing down by the beach and first thought it was their ornament to decorate their tree near their campsite so I passed it. On my way back when I had found my cousins I remembered the exact tree the heart was resting on and looked more into this little beauty. I saw that is said “I need a home <3″ and I felt overjoyed by such a tiny sweet little blessing I had found that afternoon. THANK YOU SWEET FRIEND whoever you are I am so grateful for this and will hang my heart on my Christmas tree for years to come!IMG_0738