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East Haven, CT USA

So. My name is Christina and I’m from Connecticut. New Haven / East Haven to be exact. I’ve had THE WORST possibly few years anyone can imagine and have had a tough time with nearly everything related to mine and my family’s lives. I’m currently staying in a motel ,and have been for quite a while,while I try to save and locate a place that I can afford with my family, but “motel “and “save” don’t even belong in the same sentence, so needless to say, I’ve been feeling somewhat helpless. I just got my job back at the local DnD a few months back and have been pushing myself so hard to rise in the ranks and earn a promotion. A lot of the time I feel as tho my efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated….one of those times being last night, at about seven thirty p.m. while I was carrying in the autumn decorations from the orderboard. I was just finishing up a double, so I was exhausted and really in NO MOOD! Then it caught my eye. This adorable little quilted heart with a tag declaring it needed a home! I immediately picked it up and felt as if I had found a small piece of some nameless persons heart they had left there for me! Touched by an Angel! Thank you so very much to whoever took the time to quilt this lil pillow heart. It meant so much finding it…and its crazy the timing!! Keep spreading love guys! Awesome project! Thank you all so much!! feeling grateful!!
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