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Lincoln, CA USA

I found this beautiful quilted heart sitting on top a table outside a coffee shop in a cute down town area.
I was at a coffee shop getting ice cream and I was walking around the down town area admiring and observing everything. While looking carefully at all the small details of the town I noticed a heart on the table and thought “oh cute”. I kept walking and a good distance away I noticed another small heart hidden in plain sight hanging on a water pipe on the side of the building.  I found it to be peculiar that there was more than one quilted heart. So I took a closer look and read the tag that says “I need a home”. I sprinted down the block and to the first heart I saw and read the tag on it and it said “I need a home”. I was so incredibly excited! For I am one who the simple things really make me happy and I find joy in novelties. It made my heart melt 🙂
I hugged it in my hands against my chest and I smiled my biggest smile. I then walked to my family again and showed them the little blessing I had stumbled on. As I kept walking I passed the second heart again and couldn’t help but grin. I blew it a kiss and went home to research this tradition. I bring my quilted heart with me every place I go and it never fails to make me smile.

Thank you for the blessing 🙂 This is such a simple perfect way to impact a strangers life.
God bless,