Delighted Finders, Share the Joy Jul29


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Delighted Finders, Share the Joy

I WP_20140706_037ireland 3ireland 2am happy to attach photos of the heart found by my children on the cliffs of moher as well as one that they made whilst still in Ireland to leave at a spot that became very dear to them during our visit. (the blue heart).
In one photo you see my youngest daughter Katya holding the heart that they found on the cliffs. It was actually my eldest daughter Anika who spied it tucked in between two pieces of shale high up on the cliff path. You can’t see the heart in her hand. But she was delighted to find it so I attach a picture of her as well.

I’m sure that the girls will remember that for a very long time and we can be quite certain that hearts will be found in Canada before too long.