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Castle Crags State Park, Castella, CA USA

oregonI had driven from Corvallis, OR, to Castle Crags State Park in CA to meet my sister’s family for a long weekend of camping. Castle Crags is about midway between me and them (they live in San Anselmo, CA).

I left around 11am on Saturday 12 July 2014 so that I could get there a little earlier and scope out a site that could house 2 tents, 3 adults, 3 kids, and 2 dogs. Site #42 looked like it could handle the job. And one of the first things i noticed, tucked underneath the picnic table, was this quilted heart.

Once the kids arrived, they were very curious about what the heart was about. We are wondering who had it last. It remained on the picnic table throughout the 3 days and, although a little coffee-stained now, it was a great beginning to my first camping trip with my niece and nephews.

We will be sure to pass it along for someone else to find.


(Finder has been notified that the heart is theirs to keep) IFAQH