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Canyon de Chelly, AZ USA

Anasazi Ruins FBR X

If I could sum up this wonderful day, it would be to borrow these words:
“Attract what you Expect,
Reflect what you Desire,
Become what you Respect,
Mirror what you Admire.”

Each year since the inaugural Canyon de Chelly Ultra Marathon, I have watched and hopefully contributed in my own small way to the absolute wonderfulness of the day. I say wonder because stellar athletes come from all over the globe to become family in the heart of our home as a people and they express so much wondrousness at the Beauty we strive to walk in, in the Harmony of the red cliffs streaked with umber meeting the endless turquoise skies as their feet fly as the Old Ones did…and I say Fullness because every emotion is felt. Anticipation, Exaltation, Dedication, Endurance, Perseverance, Accomplishment, but mostly the fullness of the Happiness of the Heart.

Speaking of Hearts. There were a couple mysterious angels in the Canyon today. Look what I found as I meandered around in a well trod area well into the morning!!! My eyes happened to be drawn to a splash of color on the ground and as I drew nearer I saw that it WAS a heart that needed a home! That’s what was written on it. So to whomever the Secret Angel it was who made MY day even more Joyful, Thank you! #IFAQH www.ifoundaquiltedheart.com Mission accomplished!! Thanks also to Greg and Kevin and Denetria and Carllene and Benedict and all the runners, the Chinle Wildcat Harriers, and as always to Shaun and Melissa and their incredible families and friends who make each running of this race better and better each and every year! We are Blessed.