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Boston, MA USA

I found this heart at mass eye and ear emergency room in Boston Massachusetts just after my husband had his eye surgery from a weed wacker accident in July when we went back for a check up then I lost it frown emoticon then the next day my mom was telling me how she found this cute little quilted heart in the front of my house and how it was an I found a quilted heart and she was going to report it but then gave it back to me and now I’m reporting it….. thank you because I am the type of person who looks for signs in life and this was my sign that he was gonna be ok and he has made a full recovery since then and at last check up he has 20/25 vision thank you again at that point I definitely needed this little bit of love n hope and I truly believe it worked especially after I lost it and it found its way back to me…….thank you
boston fbx