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Berkeley, CA USA

Found: February 1, 2015
@Mather Redwood Grove at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, Berkeley, CA

While visiting the newly relocated Julia Morgan UCB Women’s Senior Building in the UCB Botanical Garden to see a unique exhibit of Botanical Illustrations done by a group of regional artists as well as a special exhibit of national artists, we were given a receipt with a code to visit the Redwood grove.   We went to the gate of the Mather Redwood grove after our extensive exploration of the Botanical art exhibit, the Botanical garden itself and decided to put an additional dollar to cover parking for another hour in order to see the Redwoods.

It was a spectacular day, clear and bright up at the higher elevations of the Berkeley hills and the light falling through the redwood canopy was radiant, glorious and cathedral like on this special first Sunday of February 2015. We had driven from our home in Davis, CA through some very dense fog along the way to do something special to help me have some spiritual renewal as I experience a great personal sadness in my father having limited time left due to Stage 4 cancer. I received this sad news this past week on Monday while on a visit with my father 3,000 miles away when he received this dire prognosis from an oncologist.

Tko come across this adorable and cheerful heart sitting on a little sign that read “stay on path” on the green clover covered floor under the majestic redwoods gave an immediate happiness to my heart.
At first I thought since it said it needed a home that it would be attached to an SPCA affiliation and would have contact info about adopting a pet. Instead, I picked up the heart and found out more by using the QQR and immediately knew I would send the heart to my father as a symbol of divine comfort to both my father and my mother, his main caregiver.

I want to thank whoever had the special talent, gift and kindness to place the heart into my universe. It is a very special find and a treasure that will travel now on another journey to bring happiness to a tremendously special man who raised seven children, started a successfully innovative dental supply company in order to provide for our large family and used his intelligence and love of people to make this world a much better place. His strength of character, honesty and tenacity have taken him down many paths. God will soon be leading him into a new eternity and your beautiful quilted heart will be next to him through it all.

Thank you!